In a nutshell...

I’m a passionate Creative Director from Brazil, currently living and working in France — and always open to move wherever the opportunity is.

I’ve been working in advertising, with special focus on digital and social, for more than 15 years. Along the way, I've been lucky enough for having my work recognised with several mentions and awards.

Having an European citizenship, I left Brazil and moved to Dublin, Ireland, in 2010. There, I worked mainly with a giant telecom, Vodafone. Being the creative lead of the account, we expanded the scope of the business and reached one of the best global scores among other agencies. After 6 years, I moved to Paris, France, becoming Creative Director of Nissan Europe.

During my journey, I also worked with many different brands, including: Guinness and Smirnoff (Diageo), Pot Noodle, Knorr and Magnum (Unilever), Carlsberg, Tesco, Aviva, National Lottery, Topaz Energy, Lexus and Volvo.

Publicis.Sapient — France (Publicis)
Creative Director – Present

DigitasLBi — France (Publicis)
Creative Director – 2016/2018

Target McConnells (WPP)
Deputy Creative Director – 2014/2016

Target McConnells (WPP)
Senior Art Director – 2013/2014

Target McConnells (WPP)
Art Director – 2011/2013

RMG — Ireland (JWT)
Digital Designer – 2010/2011

BA Graphic/Digital Design (UNESA – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

I have attended training courses with leading marketing gurus, like Paul Arnold, Patrick Collister and Steve Henry.

I've also attended one Facebook Hack and an Instagram Hack.

Get into deep relationships with bold ideas, craft to a pixel level any project, lead creatives through tough briefs and have the worst memory in the world – the reason I’m probably forgetting to add loads of great skills.

They’re all on my LinkedIn with further information about my career. However, If you need anything else, please let me know.

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