Pay tribute to Dermot Morgan with an iconic mosaic made with photos taken by festival goers.

Dermort Morgan
Instagram Mosaic
Social Experiment

Brand: Vodafone Ireland
Agency: Target McConnells
Role: Concept
With: Karl Waters and Ailbhe Beirne

Festival-goers crave sharable photo opportunities at events as a way to build social currency. In addition, the 20th anniversary of Father Ted has led to a communal outpouring of tributes to Dermot Morgan and his timeless, much loved characters.

During the Vodafone Comedy Festival, at the Iveagh Gardens, we teamed up with Instaprint and asked festival goers to use #VCF15 to tag their photos on Instagram. Each photo was used to create an iconic mosaic of Dermot Morgan, pixel by pixel.

This unique tribute not only hit a chord with festival-goers, but reached far beyond the Iveagh Gardens through social media – featuring in articles from the likes of The Sliced Pan, and The Irish Examiner.

2,500 crowd-sourced photos later...
We created a beautifully unique and shareable tribute to an artist that has left an incredible impact on Irish culture.

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