Show how the Nissan Micra can be personalized by letting followers do it on Facebook Live (world 1st). 🖍

Micra x Wheeler Dealers
Social Experiment

Brand: Nissan
Agency: DigitasLBi France
Role: Creative Direction
With: Eleanor Howe & Lina Benmansour, Benoit Finck & Heloise Niord-Mery
Year: 2017

We gave Nissan’s Facebook community the opportunity to personalize the special edition of Nissan’s most important car of the year, the Micra. By giving them live access to inside the Nissan/Renault factory in Flins, France, we carried out 3 Facebook lives where people could vote for Micra’s body colour, interior and trims, before the car was sent to the production line. All they had to do was comment on the video with a hashtag.

To make it even more entertaining and attract a wider audience, we partnered up with the infamous duo Mike and Edd, well known for their TV car show, Wheeler Dealers (200M fans worldwide). They interacted with the audience and their comments and played a variety of witty mini-games and activities highlighting the features of the car in an appealing way.

LIVE #1 – Body Colour
Fans choosed between
#orange, #silver and #grey for the body colour of the new Micra.

With a fun game, Mike and Edd also highlighted the road sign detection feature of the new Micra.

LIVE #2 – Interior
Fans choosed between
#orange, #blue and #red for the interior trims of the new Micra.

With a fun game, Mike and Edd also highlighted the special Bose sound system of the new Micra.

Watch until the end, there is an artistic surprise waiting for you...

LIVE #3 – Exterior Trims
Fans choosed between
#orange and #chrome for the exterior trims of the new Micra.

The Result
After almost 2M views in one afternoon and 15K comments, fans voted for a
#grey Micra with #orange interior and exterior trims.

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