Give a sporty attitude to a car that used to be seen as a granny mobile. 👵

Nissan Micra N-Sport
Social & Digital Campaign

Brand: Nissan
Agency: Publicis.Sapient
Role: Creative Direction
With: Alexander van Walsum and
 Walid Gouyel
Year: 2019

The Nissan Micra, a car that used to be seen as a "granny mobile" in the UK, is now making its debut in the crowded warm hatch segment. In this class, cars are designed to look and feel more sporty and appeal to a younger group of people who live life fast. These “urban athletes” need more than transportation, they want an automobile in which they can look great while transitioning from points A to C and D.

Our campaign hit the spot by giving the Micra N-Sport an edgy look and attitude, while connecting the car to young people with agile lifestyles. From choosing a bold young director to dynamic storytelling, everything was considered to give Micra the "mojo" it lacked in the last few campaigns and make it stand out from the crowd.

Apple CarPlay
Aboubakry Seck, longboard world champion, keeps the beat going from riding his longboard to driving his Micra.

Intelligent Key
Melanie Tischler, professional parkour athlete, shows how you no longer have to stop doing your thing to unlock your car.

Intelligent Trace Control
Franky Zapata, one of the few flyboarders in the world, helps create a cool parallel between the Micra N-Sport’s agility and his flyboard. 

Vertical first
Footage was captured prioritising the vertical format (9:16), making it easy to create the 1:1 and 16:9 versions.

Interactive Instagram Stories
By taking advantage of how IG Stories work, we adapted our films to let viewers have a taste of some cool tech offered on the new Micra N-Sport.


Beyond films
The campaign supplied the different local markets with content that can multiply in different ways, including gifs and boomerangs.

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