Let F1 fans know that the hybrid expertise from Renault F1 team is now available to everyone. 🏎

Renault F1 E-TECH
Social Film

Brand: Renault
Agency: Publicis Conseil
Role: Creative Direction
With: Yves Sarhadian and Benjamin Karsenti
Year: 2020

Renault approached us with a simple brief: let their followers know that in every Renault hybrid there's the blood, sweat & tears from the Renault F1 team.
To create a bang with a young audience that loves video games, F1 races and Manga, we delivered an animation inspired in this universe with the famous duo CRCR. The result couldn't be better, with some fans even asking Renault to go full-on and create a F1 Manga series. Maybe one day...

Made for social formats
The animation has been designed in a way that all the important information should be at the very center, so nothing is lost. 

"Please make a cartoon out of this!"
Hey Netflix. Here is a TV show idea for you... 😀


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