Show what can happen when you don't have the best tech in your car. ūüė•

The Nissan JUKE
Social & Digital Campaign

Brand: Nissan
Agency: DigitasLBi France
Role: Creative Direction
With: Samy Martinez, Walid Gouyel and Greg Aldous
Year: 2018

"Never Compromise on Technology"¬†is a campaign aimed to shine a light on the¬†technological side of the¬†Nissan JUKE.¬†Cameras for a 360¬į bird's-eye view (making parking super easy)¬†and an immersive Bose¬†360¬į sound system¬†are the highlights.

Our take in social media was to show what happens when drivers¬†don't have the best¬†tech in their cars, in another words, what happens when they don't have 360¬į cameras to help them park¬†or when their car sound system is ūüí©.¬†

Have you ever given up on parking and let someone do it for you?
We went to the streets and asked people from 6 different key markets about those embarassing situations we all could have avoided if we had the best tech in our cars.

"I am a parking-phobic"
How many times did you cause a mini traffic jam because you take too long to pak?

Have you ever had someone ruining your song while driving? 
Avoid the annoyance by having the best sound system in your car.

"I have a beautiful voice"
Did you get caught singing along while stuck in traffic? See the other drivers as your audience.

We also provided to the different Nissan markets in Europe a flexible framework to display relatable data of when people compromise on technology. The result? 100s of mini films and gifs.

The "made for social stamp"
Videos adapted to 9:16 and 1x1 for Facebook and Instagram Stories, short length and a catchy beginning that hooks viewers in only 3 seconds.

Motion by Iggy Pacanowski.

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