Explain how Vodafone is improving their network in a way that even a 7 year old understands. 👦🏻

The Curious Kid
Web Video

Brand: Vodafone Ireland
Agency: Target McConnells
Role: Concept/Art Direction
With: Karl Waters
Year: 2015

Vodafone is constantly improving their network and our job was to communicate that. The challenge: behind the work there are managers, technicians and engineers talking about complex "stuff".

To make things simpler and clearer, we pit Vodafone’s brightest against their trickiest, most disarming interviewer yet: Paddy, age 7. He’s cute. He’s charming. He’s also immune to bullshit. If they try to overcomplicate things, he’ll bring them back on track with a single word: why?

To introduce Paddy, we shared a short video on Facebook showing our Curious Kid getting ready for his first big interview!

First video – Signal Boost
We brought Paddy (and his entourage) to Body&Soul, one of the biggest music festivals in Ireland and also one of the locations Vodafone boosts their network signal.

The second video – HD Voice
In his 2nd video, now in a race track, Paddy interviews Lorraine, from Vodafone. She knows everything about HD Voice and how it allows us to have crystal clear conversations even in a noisy environment.

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